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Let's clear something up... There is NOTHING conservative about KKK or Nazis. Those are both left wing ideologies. There is no difference between antifa, black lives matter, kkk, nazis, socialists and communists. It's also not about total death count... it's about enforcing your political beliefs on others using violence. That is a terrorist. All terrorists must die, no if and's or but's. There is a reason the 1st Amendment is the FIRST Amendment. The Bill of Rights is in order of importance! When you are unwilling to have dialogue, and want to shut down free speech, regardless of who it is or what they are saying, you can be sure that violence will ensue. How about everyone stop trying to impose your will on other people, dont infringe my rights, i wont infringe your rights, and we can all live happy lives. Some people just mowed over protesters in Charlottesville, VA Footage from Faith Goldy Live Stream Audio starts about 5 seconds in I DO NOT OWN THIS MATERIAL