ACCEPTING ANXIETY, Part 1/2: Excepting Anxiety! | Thomas Sanders

2017-07-11 72,028 168 1,109,827 YouTube

I don't think I've ever been described as particularly... chill. My heightened anxiety, both socially and in general has been something I've had to deal with a lot. But what if any and all fear, shame, and anxiety suddenly up and went away? In this video, it appears that this has indeed happened, and the other Sanders Sides are trying to figure out what happened, and if this is a good or bad thing... Please enjoy my Disney references, my love of slapstick, my adoration for the movie Clue, and some eerie twists in the first part of this Sanders Sides journey! A BIG THANK YOU to my friend, Joan, for not only helping to write this episode, but also for helping to create props and background set for this video. Many hours and a whole ton of brain power went into it and I am eternally grateful!! Joan's Links: ( ( Also a huge thank you to Talyn for ALSO working on the effects, props, and set for this video!! So many hours dedicated to this. They are amazing!! Talyn's Links: ( ( ( Thank you to Drew for helping with the edit for the thumbnail for this video! Drew's Links: ( ( Works Cited: Thomas' Social Links: Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders Tumblr - Merchandise: Business Inquires: