Getting My Makeup Done at 3 Different Stores! Sephora VS MAC VS NYX

2017-08-06 19,870 934 1,026,097 YouTube

Hello loves! In today's video I share my experience of getting my makeup done at three different makeup stores! I went to Sephora, MAC & NYX and showed them the exact same makeup photo and asked them to recreate it to see who did it the best! After my horrible sephora makeover experience this was definitely something that I wanted to try and experience and I am so happy that I did! Thank you for watching xoxox My Horrible Sephora Makeover Storytime FOLLOW ME! Instagram: rachelmbrennan For all Business Inquires: LINKS: Sigma Beauty! Use code 'Sigma2017' for 10% off *Some links are affiliate links however I do not earn commission off codes they are just for you guys to use :)