Camila Cabello's Vocal Range on "Crying in the Club" | E3-F♯5-D5

2017-05-19 203 8 11,024 YouTube

20-year-old Cuban singer-songwriter Camila Cabello's vocal range on her debut single "Crying in the Club." ••• Technique Due to a good choice of key, Camila showcases several of her consistently supported A3s and A4s (I didn't mark these as they aren't quite notable in terms of impressive range), while also showing off some exciting range beyond both ends of her support. Her lows are, as usual, crisp and with good volume, especially on certain F♯3s where she really aims to project, rather than nonchalantly exhale them. While these notes are not quite supported yet, Camila definitely has the potential to expand her support downward quite imminently, as her unsupported lows carry more volume and ease than some sopranos' supported lows. The climax F♯5 was quite shocking, given that Camila typically avoided belts above D5 in most of Fifth Harmony's music. That said, it was a very pleasant surprise! The note is far nicer than her other upper belts (the "This is How We Roll" F♯5 and "Like Mariah" E5s come to mind), partially due to the production around it, and partially due to a slightly improved headiness in her mix. ••• Crying in the Club | F♯ minor | E3-F♯5-D5 ••• Connect with me on Twitter: