What's inside the Juicero Packets?! Let's cut one open.

2017-04-21 35 456 26,067 YouTube

Went to Whole Foods on 4/20 to find out what's inside the Juicero packets! Oddly enough the packets expired today, so if I would have bought it for home I couldn't use it tomorrow. Juicero has a built-in QR code reader that phones home to not allow expired juice packets. Here's the QR Code info if anyone can figure out the cipher system: SRA217110000469T4IJ4WUWYPHVGBS7JRELEOPO6IVT7XL6SBMNPGQXK6QZ6PRTOWXLQOKV2VDVO7RC63N42Z42TQI5XEVNKBX5RARUI2MIUMVRQGIJ66Y: